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All In One Brow Course 

Become The Brow Expert In Waxing, Tinting & Lamination

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Become Your Own Boss

No Experience Required

Industry Recognised Certificate

Zero Experience To Brow Boss In Less Than 30 Days! 

Are you struggling in the current economy? 

Looking for ways to make money from home or add additional revenue to your existing business?  

If you answered yes then listen up! 

This is your opportunity to learn a high demand skill in less than 30 days and hit the ground running to make extra money from home. 

That's right we guarantee this as well!  

 Previous to stepping into the beauty world I was earning $22.50p/h at my old retail job dying to be my own boss!

If you're anything like I was you're worried about the risk of leaving your 9 to 5.. wondering how you go from zero brow experience to boss babe 

Or wondering how you can increase your existing business revenue without breaking the bank.. 

You're dying for that extra income to travel the world and live a life of abundance.. 

Our Unique "Business In A Box" System For Anyone Who Wants To Be A Successful Brow Boss 

I knew I needed a business that wouldn't break the bank and also something that wouldn't take a long time to get running 

The answer.. Beautiful sculpted brows! 

As a new comer it's something you can start in less than 30 days! Go from zero businesss skills earning $22.50p/h like I did to earning more than $80+ p/h. 

I learned brows and paired it with my existing business and it allowed me to increase my income by more than 25% without needing to find new clients!! I could simply offer the additional service to my existing clients

I created this brow course to give you exactly what I wish I had when I learned. The proven methods that took 100's of trial and errors + the knowledge you need to introduce the new service or kick off your new business from home 

Provide Perfectly Sculpted Brows + Earn $$$
(Real Student Results)

All students Finish the Course With A Full Understanding Of Brow Wax Tint & Lamination.  

Over 353+ 5 Star Reviews | 1948+ Successful Business Owners

How We Help You Become A Brow Boss?

Certificate Upon Completion

Upon successfully completing the course we will certify you in brow wax, tint and lamination! The full Brow sculpt service. This will allow you to add the extra service, start a new business or work in any Australian Salon. 

Real Support From Real Trainers

During the course you will have access to trainer support to help fine tune your technique! Free Zoom meetings, emails, messages and phone calls. + REAL ASSESSMENTS!

Australia's Most Loved Beauty Educator

We have supported thousands of students to success! Don't believe us? We have over 400+ 5 star reviews & 120+ Google Reviews! Checkout some of our student reviews below!

Self Paced Learning

Have a busy life? This course offers you flexibility like no other! Everyone deserves the opportunity to chase their dreams. This course gives you the freedom to work at your own pace and at any time!

30 Day Learning Guarantee!

We offer a 30 Day Learning Guarantee! If you can't learn this skill within 30 days of enrolling we will give you cash back!

FREE Starter Pack

Kick off your business with everything you need to start making money! Receive your very own deluxe wax pot and full kit which can service up to 15 clients!

Real People Real Results..

Taylor a mum of 4 now has more time than ever before thanks to her home salon. She has the flexibility to be there for her kids and attend all the events she wants without needing to ask for permission

Taylor  - Verified Buyer

Industry Recognised Certification

This course is completely self-paced. However, you can complete the course in 4 to 5 full days of study! 

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a signed, dated and sealed Certificate of completion. 

You will then be officially recognised as a Certified lash lift & tint expert. Display the certificate in your salon to showcase your competency & credibility training through one of Australia's leading training providers.

This certificate will allow you to start your own business, work in any Australian salon, add an additional service to your existing business, lease commercial property, purchase supplies and obtain insurance. 

Bonus Wax Pot + Full Deluxe Kit

95% of small business fail before they start. 

Without the right tools, equipment and knowledge you are setting yourself up for failure. 

That's why we make sure you receive everything you need to be successful. 

You will receive more than enough products to start your training and even begin earning your investmemnt back by taking on paid customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's A Fraction Of What You Will Learn..

Introduction To Brow Sculpting

Understand the structure of a brow and how to design/map brows according to the clients facial geometry. You will have all the information you need to become the expert in your field.

Safety & Hygiene + Dealing with Contraindications

When dealing with the face and close to the eyes there is nothing more important than safety and hygiene we will teach you all the steps you need to keep your clients safe & healthy!

Full Brow Sculpting Process

There are both theoretical and practical components to walk you through the end to end process of Brow Sculpting. Every stage from consultation to aftercare is covered so you can be confident in the service you provide!

Business Setup Guide

The service is only one step to kicking off your new found money making skill! Setting up your business correctly and being able to market yourself is the next step and an area where most people struggle. Our course will give you a step by step guide on setting up your business correctly from the get go + you will have access to our contacts for professional tax & insurance advice!

Become A Brow Boss In Less Than 30 Days


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