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Hey girl! 

Let me guess... 

You're interested in beauty! 

Struggling in the current economy? 

Looking for a way to boost your income perhaps?

OR even win back your life and have more time for yourself and family? 

If this sounds like you then this could be the most life changing message you ever read!!! 

The last 6 years we have been smashing the beauty education space 

Training more than 2367+ women to open their own salons from home!!!  

Before starting my own business I was destined for failure 

I barely graduated high school... 

Had zero business knowledge... 

and the only experience I had was in retail! 

If you asked my high school teachers I was the least likely to succeed in life.

I gave birth to my daughter at 21 & it changed my perspective on life FOREVER!  

I needed more... I needed to show my daugher you could make something of yourself with just passion, determination and a strong why!!

The answer... a beauty business I could start from home!!! 

In 3 months I went from $22.50 in retail to earning $130/hour as a lash tech! 

Everytime You Go To Commit You Get Cold Feet Because Of Cost Or The Actual Time Commitment To Complete? 

Afraid you won’t succeed in business?

I was too.

But trust me… if I can do it, anyone can (ask anyone who knew me before business).

We've made this community the lowest barrier of entry into the beauty industry possible!

You gain access to everything straight away!! 

Don't like doing lashes?

Try brows instead! 

Don't like brows... 

Try teeth whitening!! 

You are bound to find something that sticks! 

And to top it off... we also teach you how to put these skills to work and earn real cash!! 

These are lucrative skills that helped me build my multi 6 figure salon which I still run to this day!! 

There’s a BOOMING market for beauty services thanks to social media! 

With demand soaring all over world. And since you can do it from home and the costs are low, you’ll always have a steady stream of customers.

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See How Our Courses Have Changed The Lives Of More Than 2367+ People Across The World 

"I have earned triple the amount of money I did at my old job..."

Taylor M. 

I am a mum of 4 and previously worked in hospitality... Now I can attend all of my kids events when I want thanks to having my own at home business

Robyn B.

The course was awesome! It was exactly what I needed in my life and has given me the tools to start my own business!

Amelia M. 

You get support the whole way through and overall it's just amazing! The past year of being a lash tech I have earned TRIPLE the amount of money I did at my old job

Kaea M.

They honestly provide you anything and everything you need to start your lashing journey!.. The thing I love most about the course is they give you the business aspect side of it

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How Much Can You Earn?

Your earning potential in the beauty industry is limitless!

Beauty salons from home have the ability to earn 6 figure incomes with the correct techniques and business strategies!

We've trained 1000's of students how to provide these services who are now working full time or part time in this dream role!

As your own boss you determine your own hours and how much you can make! Imagine no longer having to report to someone about taking holidays? 

Just taking on 2 clients a day can earn you $300 daily. Read More

Don't Think You Can Learn A Skill Like This? 

Every student who enters our community has zero experience. 

We teach people from scratch... and in all honesty people with no experience tend to learn faster

Get Certificates In 1 Skill OR All Skills

Choose to smash out your certification in the minimum time frame of just 5 days or work through the course at your own pace. 

✔️ Eyelash Extensions (classic, hybrid and volume) 

✔️ All In One Brow Course (Brow wax, tint and lamination)  

✔️ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

✔️ Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions 

✔️ Lash lift & Tint

Here Is A Fraction Of What Every Member Receives When They Join The Community

Full Access To Online Eyelash Extension Training

Learn the end to end of Classic, hybrid and volume lashes. The exact techniques I used to achieve sets under 1 hour and the starting point to the creation of our multi 6 figure salon. 
Valued at $2499

Full Access To All in One Brow Course

Learn Eyebrow wax, tint and lamination. The full sculpt process to pair along with your other beauty services. Create sister brows that will have your clients coming back asking what magic you performed 
Valued at $1799

Full Access To Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

One of the easiest and lowest labour beauty services you can offer. You will learn the magic to making your clients teeth SHINE! It only takes about 15 minutes of work per client but can rake in $130+ per person 
Valued at $2499 

Full Access To Lash Lift & Tint

Learn the end to end of lash lift and tint. This is for the clients who aren't about the big fluffy lashes. They love looking natural and just want a lift and a bit of something to give them a "pop" 
Valued at $1299

Business Setup & Growth Guides

It would be a waste to learn all of these skills and not know how to apply them. We teach you exactly how to do this with our business setup and growth guides
Valued at $999

Coaching Calls

The biggest part to unlock astronomical growth is having access to people who have already walked the road you want to walk. I spent years of trial and error + hundreds and thousands of dollars figuring it out. We help you fast track the mistakes and see the light on the other side faster! 
Valued at $7499

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get full and immediate access to all of our training content 

1. Eyelash Extensions (classic, hybrid and volume) 
2. All in one brow course (Brow wax, tint and lamination) 
3. Cosmetic Teeth Whitening 
4. Lash lift Tint and lamination 
5. Russian Volume Training 

After having trained more than 2367+ women to complete lashes we can safely say an astounding yes. 

Our methods focus primarily on practical components which is where the real learning is. 

This paired along with our on demand support helps students gain the confidence they need to devlop the skills quicker.  

The courses can be completed in a minimum of 4 to 5 full days of study. The time frame in which you can complete the course can vary dependent on assignment resubmissions.

You can maintain access for as long as you want and we usually recommend this so we can continue to help you as your business grows!! 

Every member will have access to complete assessments as a part of joining.

Upon successfully completing the the assessments pieces you will receive your very own Certificate of Completion. You will then have the knowledge and skills to commence your own business or work in any Australian Salon.

The certificate will allow you to open your own business, work in any  salon, obtain insurance, lease commercial property and purchase supplies in your certified skill! 

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