How Everyday Women Are Multiplying Their Incomes From Home And Becoming Their Own Boss With Simple To Do/High Paying Beauty Services

These simple beauty services are allowing women to set up their own business and generate money within 2 short days. It’s the lowest cost highest yielding services thanks to the influence of social media and current beauty standards. These women are becoming their own boss, creating flexible lifestyles and have the ability to create a lucrative income from the comfort of their homes.

The old school way of learning beauty services was missing something and led to employment when women wanted to become their own boss.

Indianna owner of Islashboutique was once in a similar position as yourself. Working a retail job earning just $22.50 p/h slaving away 40+ hours a week to only live paycheck to paycheck.

After giving birth to her first born she set out to find something that would give her time back to spend with her daughter whilst also being able to generate money from home.

This led Indi to discover the art of Eyelash Extensions which quickly helped her 5x her income in 3 short months whilst working less hours and being more available for her daughter. Now over 1948+ Australian women have done the exact same as Indi by following her simple blueprints!

During her journey to become a Beauty Expert Indi completed a number of different courses. All of which helped her learn the skill but were missing one major component - How to actually make money completing the services and an understanding of all the products needed to hit the ground running.

All the big beauty educators were pushing people to complete the courses, learn the skill and seek employment as a way to generate income.

This is when she decided that creating a course tailored to people wanting to start their own business made sense.

This revolutionalised the beauty industry and Islashboutique became one of the fastest growing companies in 2022 ranking #4 on Channel 9 Australian Financial Review List.

Indi thought about all the things that were missing in her course and compiled this together with the knowledge she gained quickly growing her own at home salon. Incorporating all products, business knowledge, technical beauty knowledge and practical application all in the one course. The courses also came with BONUS beauty beds, ring lights and kits which were some of the biggest hurdles most cunning business owners face in the early stages of their home salon startup.

How Islashboutique Make Setting Up Your Business Simple

Indi and the team at Islashboutique understand what it's like to be a student and start a business from scratch. Every step in their process has been meticulously thought through so the students get the best results possible. 

Islashboutique follow a simple 4 step process to help students get started into their desired dream business: 

  • Book in a call and speak to a consultant to determine which course would suit your goals and be best for your current situation
  • Select your dates and Enrol in your course
  • Complete your training in class (Classes range from as little as 1 to 2 days)
  • Start your business - students also get FREE access to Islashboutique online training courses after their classroom training for further mentorship and support. This is key to the students success. Most other training providers leave you on your own after your training. 

How do you learn such a technical skill in just 1-2 days? 

A common question Islashboutique face is “how do you learn such a technical skill in as little as 1 to 2 days”.

Well thanks to Indi and the trainers they have trialed and tested this with over 1948+ women to date and all of the students leave the course producing excellent results.

You are screened prior to enrolling in the course to ensure you are a suitable candidate. If you are a suitable candidate they will nurture you through every step of the way.

Unlike other beauty educators Indi and the team focus heavily on technique and practical components.

In the time you spend with them you are jam packed back to back with models and hours of hands on work.

What the trainers are able to help every student achieve in as little as 2 days is astounding. From brows to lashes they are experts in them all.

Just checkout some of the students work below! All of these are completed within the 1 to 2 days. 

"I Have Tripled My Income Since Becoming A Lash Tech" 

After learning the practical skills and having all the products needed to succeed, Islashboutique students then go on to start their own business’ from home.

Having everything they need to create a successful business the students just simply start taking on clientele. During this learning and growing phase the students gain bonus access to the Islashboutique online training so they can continue to submit assignments as they develop and can connect with the trainers on business growth. 

 The students from Islashboutique produce amazing results in business. Which is why Islashboutique is also one of the highest rated beauty training providers with over 348+ 5 star reviews on their lash course alone.  


The Courses Are Jam Packed With So Much Value! 

The Islashboutique courses are jam packed with so much value that other providers just can’t compete.

Students receive everything they need & even things most people don’t even think about before jumping into a business.

If there is a hurdle you will face Islashboutique has already thought of the solution and provided the value in their courses.

Check out the full list of bonus inclusions - it goes forever!!

  • Industry recognised certificate 
  • Full theoretical components
  • Personalised and tailored feedback 
  • Product Guides & 15% off all future supplies
  • Bonus online course access upon completion of classroom courses
  • Full deluxe kits (each course has a different kit tailored to that service)
  • Optional: Beauty Bed & ring lights 
  • On demand Support - ZOOM, Phone, Message, Email 
  • Access to exclusive Beauty Boss' Worldwide Group - A community of strong like minded women
  • Home Business Setup Checklists
  • Guide to understanding your business & numbers 
  • Business numbers calculator 
  • Service Pricing Guides 
  • Client Guides - Booking your first clients, Rebooking Clients
  • Manual booking systems vs online booking systems
  • Free insurance consultation 
  • Free Business & Tax Accounting  Strategy Call  
  • Real People, Real Results 

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Spots Are Limited In Upcoming Classes - Don't Miss Out! 

Islashboutique only takes on a handful of people per classes with limited dates per month.

If you are serious about taking the next step to become a beauty boss then it’s time to challenge yourself and book in your call today!

The owner Indi is taking phone calls for a limited time so if you want to pick her brain and hear it from the horses mouth then now is your chance.