Advanced Russian Volume Eyelash Online Course
Advanced Russian Volume Eyelash Online Course
Advanced Russian Volume Eyelash Online Course
Advanced Russian Volume Eyelash Online Course
Advanced Russian Volume Eyelash Online Course
Advanced Russian Volume Eyelash Online Course

Advanced Russian Volume Eyelash Online Course

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3 Russian Volume Techniques in 1 course | Bonus Russian Volume Kit

Advanced Russian Volume Course

Learn Russian Volume Lashes

Get Paid Upto 170% More Per Set By Crafting Your Own Russian Volume Fans

Give your clients the most unique and tailored lashes by learning to hand make fans

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Advanced Russian Techniques

Increase Existing Business Revenue

Industry Recognised Certiticate

Our Valued Partners

Upskill And Boost Your Business Revenue By Upto 170% With Russian Volume

Are you an experienced lash tech in Classic or pre-made volume fans? 

Looking for ways to boost your business revenue - develop new skills without delving into a different beauty niche? 

If you answered yes to both of these then Russian Volume fans are for you. 

The Russian style of lashing can easily allow you to charge up to 170% or more than your pre-made fans. 

Yes the style takes longer but people pay absolute premium prices to have the most tailored and unique look with Russian lashes.

You will be creating absolute masterpieces and people from all over the country could be flying to your door step to get a taste of your artistry! 

Have you ever wondered where your favourite influencers and celebrities get their lashes done?  

That's right! Through Russian lash artists! 

Will you be servicing A-listers?

See What Our Past Students Have To Say..

Aww Your Clients With Designs They Have Never Seen Before

If you love the satisfaction of creating a different look and the feeling of accomplishment when your clients first look in the mirror then you are the perfect fit for learning Russian Volume lashes. 

Each fan is merticulously designed.  

Make them thin. Make them wide. 

You have complete control. 

From unique wet looks, heavy dark volume or even the notorious Kim K look. 


Industry Recognised Certificate

Become an industry recognised expert and receive your certificate upon successfully completing your course. Display your certificate for clients to see.

Exclusive Access To Beauty Boss Group

Knowledge is power and as a part of your training you will gain free access to our Beauty Boss' Worldwide Group! You will have direct contact to industry experts and be apart of a welcoming community.  

Australia's Most Loved Lash Course

We have supported hundreds of students to success! Don't believe us? We have over 450+ 5 star reviews on our courses. Checkout some of our student reviews below!

On-Demand Ongoing Support

We will support you every step of the way. Book your support on demand via ZOOM, Phone, email, message or SMS. 

30 Day 'LASH CRAZY' Guarantee!

We offer a 30 Day Lash Crazy Guarantee! If you can't learn lashes utilising our training in just 30 days we will give you $500 cash back!

FREE Starter Pack

Receive a bonus Russian Volume kit! It will have everything you need to kick off your artistic ventures and allow you to service up to 15 clients!

Provide Beautiful Lashes - Make Great Money
(Real Student Results)

All students Finish the Course With Full Understanding Of Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lashes

Bonus Russian Volume Kit

All students will receive their very own deluxe Russian Volume Kit! This is everything you need to learn the advanced techniques of Russian Volume. 

The kit includes enough to complete up to 15 clients. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Boost Your Lash Business By Upto 170% By Crafting Your Own Russian Volume Fans

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