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9th, 10th & 11th SEP 2024 

Master Eyelash Extensions, Brows & Lash Lifts In 3 Days Using The Islashboutique Method - Earn Up to $80,040 Yearly in Your Spare Time... Even If You Have Zero Experience

Unlock the secrets over 2,568+ Aussie Women Have Used to Create a Flexible Career FROM HOME with Our Proven Beauty Program! Transform Your Passion for Beauty into Real Income and, as a Bonus, Receive a FREE Beauty Bed, Ring Light & Full Deluxe Kits

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30 Day Learning Guarantee


30 Day Learning Guarantee

No Experience Required

Industry Recognised Certificate 

Over 2568+ Students Worldwide

Bonus Kits Valued At Over $480 With Every Enrolment 

✔️ Complete up to 15 clients per service  - generate up to $3750 in service revenue

✔️ Professional Grade Products - Used in our own salons completing 6329+ appointments

✔️ Trusted By 3037+ other salons & lash technicians

✔️ Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free Products 

✔️ Product Quality Guarantee

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What Else You Receive With The Course

Introducing Our Business Start Up Bundle

Your Very Own Ring Light

✅  19" Portable Ring Light 

✅  Adjustable Lighting Control 

✅  Same Ring Light Used In Our Own Commercial Salon 

Your Very Own Beauty Bed

✅  Portable Beauty Bed - stationary and mobile business'

✅  Steel Frame Bed Holds Up to 250kg of Weight

✅. Used In Our Own Salon - Serviced over 6329+ appointments

Learn in 30 Days - Guaranteed OR CASH BACK!

A Full Snapshot of What You Will Receive When You Invest In Your Training With Islashboutique

Islashboutique Lash Program

Learn Lashes Online in 30 Days - Guaranteed OR CASH BACK!

Foolproof Lash Program

Learn All Styles of Lashes In 30 Days Guaranteed

  • Certified Lash Technician: Earn your certificate and start your lash career.
  • Full Theoretical Components: Understand all the essential techniques.
  • Personalized Feedback: Receive real feedback on your progress.

Master All Lash Styles

  • Classic Eyelash Extensions Training: Master the basics.
  • Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Training: Learn advanced techniques.
  • Volume Extensions Training: Create stunning volume lashes.
  • Pre-recorded Videos: Unlimited access to detailed tutorials for each technique.
  • Assessments & Feedback: Complete theoretical and practical assessments with real feedback.
  • 1:1 Support: Personalized on-demand support via Zoom, phone, email, and messaging.

Master Brow Sculpting + Lash lifts

  • All in one brows: Brow wax, tint & lamination
  • Full Lash Lift Process: Lash lift & tints
  • Assessments & Feedback: Complete theoretical and practical assessments with real feedback.
  • 1:1 Support: Personalized on-demand support via Zoom, phone, email, and messaging.

Fast-Track to Success

  • 30-Day Learning Guarantee: Learn lashes in 30 days or get a full refund!
  • Immediate Certification: Get certified as soon as you complete the course.

The Ultimate Beauty Business Blueprint

Start Your Beauty Business & Get A Flood Of Loyal Customers

  • Build Your Beauty Business: From $0 to a successful home business.
  • Exclusive Community Access: Join our Beauty Boss Facebook Group for support and networking.

Comprehensive Business Training

  • Business Setup Checklist: Step-by-step guide to setting up your home business.
  • Understand Your Numbers: Guide and calculator for pricing, costs, and profits.
  • Client Management: Strategies for booking and rebooking clients.
  • Professional Support: Access to insurance and tax accounting specialists.

Double Your Investment

  • 90-Day Success Plan: Follow our blueprint and double your investment in just 90 days when you implement what we teach.

Immediate Cash Generator Bundle

Get Everything You Need to Start Earning From Home

  • Deluxe Lash Kit: Includes all essential tools and supplies valued at over $483.
  • All in one Brow kit: Including a bonus wax pot Valued at over $364.
  • Lash Lift & Tint Kit: For all your lash lift needs valued at over $242.
  • Mannequin Head: Practice lashing on a realistic model.
  • Ring Light & Beauty Bed: Professional setup for perfect lighting and comfort.

Quality and Savings

  • Product Quality Guarantee: Free replacement for any defective products.
  • Lifetime Discount: 15% off on all future supplies.
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The Voices That Took A Passion & Became Their Own Boss

For someone who is a face to face learner, the online course was so informative that I didn’t feel to anxious going onto a live model. The communication was amazing from the girls and had a really good support system behind me throughout the whole course! Xx

Taylah Tournier

Vertified Lash Student

I love how easy it was to sign up with this course. The flexibility to study and practice and Being online worked so well within my family and home life. The course itself is very informative giving me a range of information to always fall back on and remember.Highly recommend this course.

Rachel Schofield 

Verified Lash Student

Islashboutique Master Class I 100% recommended, I learnt a lot and gained more knowledge from this course then I did with the first course I did. I was able to learn at my own pace and take my time which was super helpful being a mother of 3. Overall I very highly recommend! :)

Brianne Boyd

Verified Lash Student

Our Students Work

Learn Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lashes & Give Your Clients Confidence Like Never Before

Helping Everyday People Create Real Business' From Home

Whether You Are A Mum Wanting More Flexibility, A Full Time Worker Wanting To Escape The 9-5 Grind Or Just Looking To Setup A Side Hustle To Create More Income In Your Life. We Have Helped Every Walks Of Life!

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Get Certified In 5 Days OR Self Paced!

Choose to smash out your certification in the minimum time frame of just 5 days or work through the course at your own pace. 

✔️ 12 Months Unlimited Access 

✔️ No Schedules - work at your own pace 

✔️ Unlimited On Demand Support - ZOOM, Phone, Message or SMS

✔️ Exclusive Access To Our Secret Beauty Boss Worldwide Community 

✔️ 30 Day Learning Guarantee

Meet Your Trainer & CEO Of Islashboutique

Learn about Indianna's incredible journey from a young mum with no business experience to a successful entrepreneur and beauty educator.

  • 1. Indi started Islashboutique at age 21 after giving birth to her daughter.
  • 2. Barely graduated high school, had zero business experience and zero beauty experience.
  • 3. Grew her home-based salon to over $80,040 p/year working 2 to 3 hours per day.
  • 4. Successfully grew her salon to a commercial space and generated over $19,040 per month.
  • 5. Grew online business from $0 to $1 million in 10 months 12 days and ranked #4 on Australia's Fast Starters List.

How Do You Get Started? 

Choose Your Bundle 

Simply choose the bundle that will best suit your goals. 

If you are seeking employment we typically suggest our Course + Bonus Kit option. 

For those looking to start your own business our Business Success Bundle is most popular. 

Choose How You Will Pay

You have the option to pay in full or in bite size amounts using one of our payment partners. 

Afterpay, ZIP & HUMM are available at checkout. 

We also offer Payright & ZEEFI. To check your eligibility book a call here. 

Get Immediate Access To Start Training Straight Away

Upon finalising your payment you will gain immediate access to the course via email. 

Simply create your own password and work through the course in chronological order. 

You will gain access to our exclusive Beauty Boss Worldwide Group & can start utilising the unlimited on demand support. 

Product Arrival 

All your tools and equipment will arrive within 10 business days of your enrolment. 

You will then have everything you need to complete your practical assesssments and kickstart your business from home. 


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How Much Can You Earn?

Your earning potential in the lash industry is limitless!

Eyelash technicians have the ability to earn 6 figure incomes with the correct techniques and business strategies!

We've trained 1000's of students how to provide eyelash extensions who are now working full time or part time in this dream role!

As your own boss you determine your own hours and how much you can make! Imagine no longer having to report to someone about taking holidays? 

Just taking on 2 clients a day can earn you $300 daily. Read More

Want to learn to do lash extensions but don’t think you have the time? Islashboutique offers an online eyelash extension course that is perfect for busy people or those who like to go at their own pace. Our course provides the same high-quality training as our in-person courses and it can be completed anywhere with an internet connection. If you’re thinking of taking an online lash course, find out below why Islashboutique is the best choice.


Considering To Do A Lash Extension Course Online or In- Person


Would you like to switch careers and become your own boss? Do you want to earn extra money while working your own hours? You should consider becoming a lash tech! Becoming certified in lash extensions is a great way to start your own business, become self-employed or make money on the side while you’re studying or doing another job. We can help you get there. 

Islash is one of the top providers of lash courses online in Australia, offering plenty of options depending on experience and your own preferences. Learn to perform all kinds of lash extensions and start a new career or add another service to your list. We’ll provide you with the knowledge and the tools you need to suit your preferences, whether that’s online or in a classroom setting. Anyone can become a certified lash tech with us.

Why Become a Lash Tech?

Learning how to do lash extensions is a great way to start a career on your own terms, with flexible hours and home working if you so prefer. As a lash tech, you can set your own hours. This makes it a great profession for women who already have a full-time job they’re just looking to supplement, or who have children or other care responsibilities. You can make a new income around these other commitments. While you can work in a salon if you want to, you can also easily work from home if you have the space and equipment for it. No more commuting! 

Of course, everyone wants to know how much money there is in lash extensions. Actually, this line of work can be really profitable if you put in the effort to market yourself! There is plenty of demand and many potential customers out there, and when you have experience and good reviews you can charge a decent price for your time and expertise. Many of our former students also find it extremely enjoyable to do lash extensions. You don’t sit in an office or a store; you get to work with people and have a nice chat while you’re doing their lashes. It’s also a creative role, where you assess the needs and wishes of a client and put together the perfect look for them. If this sounds like the job for you, you should check out our eyelash extension courses online in Australia.

Book A Spot For Your Lash Course Online or In-Person

We know that online learning isn’t for everyone. That’s why we also offer classroom courses. If you’re local to Brisbane, Ipswich or Melbourne, you can learn from us in person. If you don’t have the space to study at home or you feel you wouldn’t learn best from an online lash course, you can enrol in one of these classroom courses. This course lets you get hands-on experience over a two-day course and is ideal for those who feel they learn better in person. Of course, there are also plenty of advantages to studying at home.

Our online courses have no start or end date, and you can complete them completely in your own time, which is perfect for mothers or those who are very busy. You can study from anywhere in your own home, without needing to travel to one of our classrooms. Many lash course providers offer either in-person or online, but with us, you can choose. The quality of your education will not be impacted at all, and both versions include your starter kit with beauty bed, ring light and lash kit.

Why Choose Islash For Lash Extension Courses in Australia?

There are many reasons why Islash is such a popular choice and why we’ve quickly become one of Australia’s favourite lash course providers. Here’s why you should choose one of our lash courses:

  • We offer education about all the different lash extension types that your clients will ask for, giving you a well-rounded certificate with no limits on what you can do
  • You can choose between studying in person and online according to your own preferences
  • Get all the tools you need to start working immediately included with the price of your course, including a ring light, beauty bed and lash kit
  • Complete your online course in your own time, with no start times required hours of study
  • Get valuable feedback and free support from our trainers, who are always on hand to answer your questions
  • With a focus on healthy and safe practices, we’ll ensure you become a safe lash tech that customers will love
  • Payment plans are available for those who need them

Our hundreds of testimonials and 5-star reviews tell you everything you need to know. Choosing Islash is not a decision you regret. We can help you make your dreams come true. Enrol in some of the best eyelash extension training in Australia on our website and start your new, high-earning career in no time.

An Online Eyelash Course That Includes Everything You Need

When you sign up for our online lash course, we’ll supply you with everything you need to complete the training and use in your new career! The cost of our online eyelash course includes a lash kit, ring light,and beauty bed, which are shipped to an address of your choice in Australia at no extra cost. Islashboutique are the suppliers of professional eyelash extension supplies and brow supplies, so you can be sure all the products you receive are of the highest quality.

A Lash Extension Online Course Covering Many Styles

There are a variety of lash extension styles available and if you take a lash extension online course with Islashboutique, you’ll learn about popular lash extension options such as:

  • Classic — Classic lash extensions have a natural look by adding length to existing lashes without adding any extra lashes to the eyelid itself.
  • Hybrid — Hybrid lashes are thicker and fuller, with up to five lashes on each fan, adding thickness and length.
  • Volume — Those who want thickness and fullness should opt for volume lashes, which have 5-10 lashes on each fan for a dramatic look. This is often popular for special occasions such as proms and weddings.

If you’ve never had lash extensions yourself, you might want to come to the boutique to get your own set fitted, so you can see what it’s all about and see what the finished results can look like. Book a lash extension appointment or contact us to find out more.

Taking an online lashes course can allow you to kickstart a beauty career or just learn a valuable new skill. Take a look at our reviews and testimonies to find out what our former students have to say or go ahead and order your course online by hitting ‘buy now’ and we’ll get you started as soon as possible. If you are a lash technician and looking for eyelash supplies in Australia you’ve found the right place. We stock a range of products including pre-made lash fansat home lash lift kitseyelash shampoo, eyelash extension glue, eyebrow lamination kit & much more. Browse our collection online & order today!


Can you get trained to be a lash technician online?

Yes! At Islashboutique, you can do your eyelash extension training online without having to set foot in a classroom. All you need is an internet connection and a device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone to complete the course.

Why is Islashboutique’s eyelash extension course the best online lash course?

Our trainers at Islashboutique are the experts in lashes and brows — specialising in providing lash and brow training and high-quality beauty products to technicians across Australia. Our online course follows the same points as the classroom course, with plenty of support and help if you need it. Unlike many online courses, we provide quality materials and even a ring light and beauty bed for you to keep — which is all included in the price.

How long does it take to complete an online lash extension course?

The great thing about online courses is that they offer true flexibility — you can take as long as you need to complete our online course. There are 80 short lessons in total and some people like to do lessons whenever they have some spare time, while others get stuck in and complete it in a few days.

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Why Our Lash Course Is The Highest Rated In Australia 

Features Us Competitors
Classic Eyelash Extensions
Hybrid Eyelash Extension
Volume Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extension Kit
Mannequin Head
Beauty Bed
Ring light
Tax Strategy Meeting
Business Startup Guide
On Demand Zoom Support
Practical Assignments
Tailored Feedback
Free Canva Access + Templates
Discounts On Booking Systems & Supplies
Exclusive Community Access
Join Our Upcoming Toowoomba 3 in 1 Beauty Masterclass

Tired of the 9 to 5 grind and dreaming of more?

This call is your gateway to a life of freedom and abundance. Imagine swapping your current hourly rate for an impressive $130 per hour.

Our experts are ready to guide you on this life-changing journey. It's more than a course – it's a transformation.

What You'll Gain:

✅ Deluxe Kits: Everything you need to begin (Valued at $1089+)

✅ Business Setup Guide: Our blueprint for your success (Invaluable).

✅ Comprehensive Certification: Become a master in Eyelash extensions, Brow Scuplting and Lash lift & tint - COMPLETED IN 3 DAYS!

✅  Limited-Time Bonus: Enrol in our class and get a bonus Beauty Bed & Ring light upon completion.


30 Day Learning Guarantee 

Learn Lashes In 30 Days Or Money Back. Terms & Conditions Apply. 

If you invest in your learning with us we 100% Guarantee you will be able to learn lashes within 30 days of studying our course or we'll give you cash back!

That's right we believe in our training that much we will put our money where our mouth is! Terms & Conditions Apply. 

See How The Lash Course Has Changed The Lives More Than 2548+ Women 

"I have earned triple the amount of money I did at my old job..."

Taylor M. 

I am a mum of 4 and previously worked in hospitality... Now I can attend all of my kids events when I want thanks to having my own at home business

Robyn B.

The course was awesome! It was exactly what I needed in my life and has given me the tools to start my own business!

Amelia M. 

You get support the whole way through and overall it's just amazing! The past year of being a lash tech I have earned TRIPLE the amount of money I did at my old job

Kaea M.

They honestly provide you anything and everything you need to start your lashing journey!.. The thing I love most abou the course is they give you the business aspect side of it

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