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Brow Supplies

If you’re on the hunt for affordable eyebrow supplies, you’ve come to the right place! At Islashboutique, we offer an extensive collection of brow supplies online, ensuring you have all the necessary tools in your kit to master the art of tinting, laminating, sculpting and precision waxing. A good set of brows frames the face — and we’re here to help you advance your skills so you can provide clients with a well-rounded and professional brow service. 

Find eyebrow supplies online at Islashboutique

From disposable eyebrow brushes, brow dye, applicator wands and lamination kits to angled brow brushes, brow conditioner, brow henna and brow shampoo, our eyebrow supplies are suitable for beginners, makeup artists, beauticians and professional brow technicians. No matter what style, thickness or shape you’re hoping to achieve, our affordable equipment will ensure you brush, groom, pluck, wax, trim and tint to a professional standard. There’s little chance of error when you incorporate our easy-to-use tools into your brow shaping and waxing regime. 

Improve your brow waxing, tinting and shaping skills with an online course 

It takes a certain level of skill, focus and precision to achieve the perfect set of eyebrows. If you’re hoping to groom your brows, start a new career as a beautician or add to your existing beauty regime, our online eyebrow course will teach you the end-to-end of shaping brows to transform your face. 

We will also train you to apply tint and hot wax and share our top tips for tweezing and trimming brows neatly and efficiently. This course will level up your skill set and get you up to speed with the latest and greatest in brow supplies. Plus, upon enrolling, you’ll receive a complimentary brow kit — shipped directly to your door. 

Sign up today and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, our team of expert beauticians will be happy to help. 


What type of brow supplies does Islashboutique offer?

We stock a range of eyebrow supplies online, from eyebrow brushes, brow dye, applicator wands and lamination kits to angled brow brushes, brow conditioner, brow henna and brow shampoo. Whether you’re a professional brow technician or a beauty-obsessed beginner, you’ll find all the tools, equipment and eyebrow supplies at Islashboutique that you need to master the art of shaping, waxing, sculpting and tinting.

Why should I shop for brow supplies with Islashboutique? 

Whether you’re a qualified beautician, brow technician or just starting out, Islashboutique is your one-stop shop for affordable and high-quality eyebrow supplies online. If you’d like to advance your brow tinting and waxing skills, sign up for our online brow course — it will provide you with all the skills and tools you need to master the art of precision waxing and tinting.