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Eyelash Extension Shampoo

Much like how shampoo and soap work on hair and skin, lash shampoo removes dirt, oil, make-up and other residual build-ups that accumulate every day on the lashes. The build-up of these can cause lash extensions to shed earlier, which is why using a lash cleaner is crucial for proper extension care and increasing their lifespan. Read More

Why Use Eyelash Extension Shampoo?

Extends the Lifespan of Eyelash Extensions

The build-up of dirt, dead skin, oils and make-up can cause premature shedding and break down the adhesive glue that holds the lash extensions in place. Naturally, eyelashes are supposed to catch and collect such debris to protect the eyes, and that’s exactly what eyelash extensions do as well - so cleansing away build-up regularly is a crucial part of proper lash care. 

Stronger Adhesive Bonds

Keeping those lashes clean also affords the best bond between the natural lash, the adhesive glue and the lash extension. Much like trying to tape something to a dirty surface doesn’t stick properly, the same goes for trying to glue extensions to a dirty eyelash - the glue sticks to the debris, not the surface of the lash, which causes it to simply fall off due to a weak bond. The solution? Wash those lashes before a lash appointment!

Reduced Infection Risk

In addition to protecting the eyes from debris, eyelashes also help shield them from infection. A build-up of make-up, dirt, oils and all other impurities can harbour bacteria, which could lead to eyelid inflammation caused by clogged oil glands at the base of the eyelash. Infected eyelids can become swollen, red, itchy and sore, with flakes appearing around the base of the eyelashes. 

Plus, not only can this cause lash extensions to shed, but it also leads to natural lashes falling out. The easy way to prevent this problem? Use a lash shampoo regularly and keep those eyelashes clean!

Specifically Formulated for Lash Extensions

The eyelash extension shampoo Australia has available on the market is usually top quality, but it’s still important to research the product and ensure it’s properly formulated for both eyelash extensions and natural lashes. 

A properly formulated eyelash shampoo designed for lash extensions won’t leave a nasty residual film behind (which some standard make-up removers are guilty of!) Plus, lash shampoos are purpose-made to keep real lashes and extensions moisturised and in peak health without being too harsh; they remove dirt, dead skin, oils, make-up and grime guild-up gently without damaging the lash or the adhesive bonds.

Get Stocked Up on Lash Shampoo for Your Clients

Everyone who has lash extensions should be using eyelash extension shampoo as part of their make-up routine and lash extension after-care.

No matter if a client wears make-up or not, exercises or not, sweats or not, or has oily skin or dry skin, everyone gets a build-up of oil, dirt, grime and bacteria on their lashes - and that accumulation can cause premature lash shedding, weakened bonds, unappealing looking eyelashes and even eye infections.

The quick and easy solution to these issues is to clean the eyelashes with a high-quality, purpose-formulated lash shampoo - and Islashboutique has an excellent, hand-picked range to choose from. Stock up on some of the best lash shampoos for your clients today, and have them love their long, luscious lashes for longer. Our range of eyelash extension supplies also includes an eyelash extension spikes, lash trays, lash lift kits & much more. Browse our latest collection online & shop today!

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