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Pre Made Eyelash Fans

Unless you are highly trained and experienced in making your own fans, pre-made lash extension fans are your best bet. At Islashboutique, we are proud to have our very own extensive range of high-quality pre-made eyelash fans. So if you’re looking to restock your current eyelash extension supplies or want to stock up on the essentials for your salon, we have everything you need to keep your clients’ eyelashes looking on point.  Read More


The Genius of Pre-Made Lash Fans 

Every eyelash technician worth their salt knows how much time pre-made lash fans can save them. Compared with sorting individual lashes of different lengths and thicknesses, pre-made volume lash fans are far quicker and less fiddly, meaning you can deliver amazing looks for your clients faster. This is obviously much more convenient for the client but also for you, as time is money! Using lash fans can mean you can book in more clients per working day, which makes a huge difference to your revenue. But for those not in the know, what are pre-made lash fans?

Lash fans are a group of individual lashes which are heat bonded to fuse the bases. As they are bonded by heat, this means no glue is used on the base. This is far better for the client as when applied correctly, there should be no damage to their natural lashes. Our lash fans are made from premium silk to provide a lightweight way to give your client a dazzling look. 

A Great Range of Pre-Made Lash Fans in Stock

When selecting the most appropriate pre-made lash fans for your business, the first consideration is quality. We only sell the very best products available to ensure an outstanding performance every time and a lot of satisfied customers! Our clients just love the dramatic looks we can give them by using pre-made fans. 

Most of the premade lash fans on our site are D curl to give a really wide-eyed look. These D curl lashes open up the eyes and make them the most prominent feature. We do also stock a smaller range of C curl lashes which some customers prefer as they can look more natural, but less pronounced. We have a wide range of diameters, lengths, and widths of lash fans. Our extra-large trays are perfect for the lash expert or a salon where high volume is key. We also stock smaller 12-row trays which might be more suitable if you are a mobile lash technician. Always remember to lift the lash fan from the base to avoid damaging it. Use a pair of designated tweezers and a lash tile to prep your lashes before starting on your client. That’s the most streamlined way to deliver the best experience for you and your customers.

Why Buy Pre-Made Volume Lash Fans from Islash?

We are one of Australia’s fastest-growing beauty businesses. Islashboutique is an Australian family-run business, starting from humble origins but developing into a huge success story. We believe that using the very best products and having excellent professional skills are key to our success. That’s why we only sell the very best on the market to you, and we train thousands of lash technicians every year to be able to do what we do. We pride ourselves on great customer service too, with orders ready to be picked up from our main salon within 2-4 days of ordering. We offer free standard shipping on orders over $150 and free express shipping over $350. To make the deal even sweeter, we offer flexible payment plans through Humm. Our mission is to make women feel more beautiful. We’d love you to join us on our journey, so shop with us today and become a huge fan of pro-made lash fans!

Order The Best Pro Made Lash Fans Today

Save yourself a lot of time as a technician and give your clients the quick, affordable and voluminous results that they desire with our professional, pre-made eyelash extensions from Islashboutique. Browse our complete collection online today and be sure to explore our eyelash extension accessories while you’re at it.

And if you’re interested in becoming a lash technician or want to brush up on your existing knowledge and skills, we also have comprehensive online lash courses run by our team of highly experienced technicians. For more information about our pre-made fans or our online courses, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! 


How long do Islashboutique’s pre-made fans last?

Made from the very highest-quality and cruelty-free materials, our pre-made eyelash fans are designed to last the entire length of a natural lash cycle. This means your clients can expect their lash extensions to last up to 6 weeks. 

Are pre-made lash fans more expensive?

While a great set of pre-made lash fans might be more expensive than making your own, buying high-quality pre-made eyelash fans will save you a lot of time and energy producing your own by hand. At Islashboutique, we strive to keep our professional eyelash extensions affordable and accessible to all of our customers — and this includes our range of pre-made lash extension fans.

What type of pre-made fans does Islashboutique have?

We have a wide range of pre-made eyelash fans to choose from — with satin and silk extensions available in various curls and lengths. You can choose to buy pre-made fans in a single length or opt for a pre-made fans mixed tray — depending on your requirements and preferences.

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