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Pre Made Eyelash Fans

Unless you are highly trained and experienced in making your own fans, pre-made lash extension fans are your best bet. At Islashboutique, we are proud to have our very own extensive range of high-quality pre-made eyelash fans. So if you’re looking to restock your current eyelash extension supplies or want to stock up on the essentials for your salon, we have everything you need to keep your clients’ eyelashes looking on point. 


Pre-made eyelash fans from Islashboutique


Unlike individual eyelash extensions, eyelash fans are several lash extensions joined together at the base — creating a more voluminous and dramatic look. If you are looking to save time hand-making your own eyelash fans or have not yet learnt this complex skill, pre-made fans are the perfect choice for you. 


At Islashboutique, we are committed to using only cruelty-free and exceptionally high-quality materials when it comes to our products — and this includes our range of pre-made lash fans. Each fan is made from extremely lightweight lashes and has been carefully heat-bonded to ensure the thinnest base possible. This not only ensures the most natural-looking result but also protects your clients’ natural lashes from damage. No matter the curl, length or type of fans you choose, you can be entirely sure that our pre-made fan eyelash extensions won’t lose their curl or colour.


Order the best pre-made fans today


Save yourself a lot of time as a technician and give your clients the quick, affordable and voluminous results that they desire with our professional, pre-made eyelash extensions from Islashboutique. Browse our complete collection online today and be sure to explore our eyelash extension accessories while you’re at it.


And if you’re interested in becoming a lash technician or want to brush up on your existing knowledge and skills, we also have comprehensive online lash courses run by our team of highly experienced technicians. For more information about our pre-made fans or our online courses, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!




How long do Islashboutique’s pre-made fans last?



Made from the very highest-quality and cruelty-free materials, our pre-made eyelash fans are designed to last the entire length of a natural lash cycle. This means your clients can expect their lash extensions to last up to 6 weeks.


Are pre-made lash fans more expensive?


While a great set of pre-made lash fans might be more expensive than making your own, buying high-quality pre-made eyelash fans will save you a lot of time and energy producing your own by hand. At Islashboutique, we strive to keep our professional eyelash extensions affordable and accessible to all of our customers — and this includes our range of pre-made lash extension fans.


What type of pre-made fans does Islashboutique have?


We have a wide range of pre-made eyelash fans to choose from — with satin and silk extensions available in various curls and lengths. You can choose to buy pre-made fans in a single length or opt for a pre-made fans mixed tray — depending on your requirements and preferences.