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Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Whether you’re running a small salon from the comfort of your own home, or you’re a makeup enthusiast looking to master the art of false lashes, a pair of eyelash tweezers make for easy and precise application. Although it depends on your personal preference and the types of services you offer to your clients, every reputable lash artist knows all too well that without the right equipment and accessories in their kit, it will make or break an appointment. From the beginning to the end, you’ll rely on the best lash tweezers to pick up, put down and separate your lashes during the application process. That’s why having a few different styles in your kit is so important. 

Within our range, you’ll discover L-shaped, volume and S-shaped lash tweezer sets, along with curved tip designs and individual eyelash tweezers that make applying voluminous sets and individual extensions an absolute breeze. 

Discover the best isolation tweezers for lash extensions

If your client’s natural lashes aren’t isolated properly, they’ll likely experience discomfort after application. To avoid this issue and ensure a hassle-free process, opt for our straight isolation tweezers that provide freedom of movement and will make separating your client’s lashes simple and easy. 

The best volume lash tweezers for a thick and fluffy set

When it comes to applying a dramatic set of false lashes, the right eyelash tweezers are a must-have in any home or salon beauty kit. If your client has requested a thick and fluffy lash set, volume tweezers have a shape curve at their tip, so you can easily apply even pressure while being in complete control of the tool. The centre of the tweezer has a grip surface to prevent slipping, ensuring it stays as close to the client’s natural lash line as possible.

Straight lash extension tweezer sets

Much like your favourite eyebrow tweezers, straight lash tweezers are long and narrow and end with a tapered point. The tip provides the necessary grip, so you can hold the lashes with ease while aligning them to your client’s natural lash line before beginning the application process. Lightweight and comfortable to hold for hours on end, you’ll be able to pinch, wiggle and move the extensions into place with absolute precision. 


Do I need eyelash tweezers?

When it comes to applying long and wispy eyelash extensions, precision is key. If your makeup kit is missing a set of false eyelash tweezers, it’s nearly impossible to achieve a flawless application. From the beginning to the end, you’ll rely on this tool to pick up, put down and separate your client’s lashes during the application process. 

Whether you opt for a straight, curved, L-shape or S-shape lash tweezer set, it will assist in perfecting the process. Along with selling high-quality eyelash extension supplies, we also offer online and in-person training eyelash extension courses, so you can master lash artistry. 

How do you use tweezers on eyelashes?

It’s nearly impossible to achieve a seamless and flawless look without the right tools and false eyelash tweezers in your makeup kit. Lash extension tweezer sets enable you to apply light pressure while simplifying and streamlining the application process. You’ll use the tweezers to pinch, wiggle and move the lashes into place before the adhesive dries. 

What are curved tweezers used for?

Resembling the letter J, curved eyelash extension tweezers allow you to apply the right amount of pressure for seamless application. This must-have tool helps you pinch and wiggle the lashes into place, while the thin and fine pointed tip allows you to individually separate each lash for a voluminous and even finish. If you’re a beauty novice or this is your first time applying false lashes, curved tweezers are easy to work with and will reduce the application time. 

What tweezers would you use for a multi lash pick up?

When it comes to picking up five or more lashes at a time, L-tweezers give the artist more space to pinch, wiggle and move the lashes into place. The fine tip also allows you to separate the lashes from one another, creating a voluminous, full and intense finish.