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Lash Trays

Whether you’re just starting out as a lash technician or are looking to expand your current range of professional products, having lash extension trays is essential for giving your clients the best possible service. At Islashboutique, we have an extensive range of top quality lash trays with silk or satin lashes in a full range of lengths and curls. Browse our complete range online today to find the perfect trays for your requirements. Read More

A One-Stop Shop For Eyelash Trays in Australia

When eyelash extensions made their way to Australia in the late nineties, the only type of lash container that was available for purchase was pots. While they did the job, they weren’t exactly the most convenient to use; many hundreds or even thousands of lash extensions would be packed into these pots, and technicians would then have to pick out each individual lash using eyelash tweezers and put it on a puff or silicon pad before applying every single one to their client’s natural eyelashes. 

Naturally, this process was just as long, difficult and time-consuming as it sounds since each and every individual lash extension had to be positioned on the pad and properly angled before application, which took up unnecessary time and concentration. 

Over the years, as lash professionals and extension manufacturers conjured up new ideas, they began to come up with new, innovative ways to quicken the lengthy process of picking out each lash, orienting and angling it on the pad, and applying it to the client’s lashes. As such, one day, industry professionals created the eyelash tray, which revolutionised the techniques lash artists used on their clients.

Why Are Lash Trays Better?

With a lash tray, the process of transforming a client’s lashes is made so much faster and easier. This simple yet highly effective invention has made the whole process painless and seamless and far less fidgety than previously. Eyelash extensions that used to come loose in conventional lash pots are now placed or glued onto sticky adhesive strips in the lash tray. Conveniently, they are stuck upright already at the correct angle, which makes picking up each lass phenomenally easier and faster than before. 

Of course, extensions in lash trays are still placed side by side and presented individually like before, but the main difference is this: because they stand up straight at the perfect angle, they are incredibly easy to pick up, slashing the lash application time into pieces. 

No longer do lash technicians need to waste time carefully picking out lashes from a pot, moving them onto a pad and placing them into the right position and angle for application. This newfound ease and speed of application have meant that eyelash trays have become a favourite tool for lash pros all over the world - not just those in Australia. Plus, the range of lash trays Australia has available on the market for pros these days are higher quality than they ever were before, allowing technicians of today to make their clients look bold and beautiful in almost no time at all.

Buy Lash Trays for All Your Client’s Extension Needs

Islashboutique is one of the country’s leading lash specialists, so it’s no wonder we have only the highest quality eyelash trays Australia has to offer lash extension pros. Whether you’re a seasoned lash artist with years of experience and a roster of qualifications, or you’re just starting out on your journey to becoming a brand-new eyelash technician, our array of lash trays will serve you and your clients well. 

Get your luxe lash tray sets today, and they’ll be delivered to your door fast, so you can get on with doing what you do best - making your clients look and feel as fabulous as they deserve.

The Professional Lash Trays That Every Technician Needs

Any lash technician will tell you just how important having a variety of lash extensions is for business. This is where individual lash trays are perfect. Not only can you get lash trays with a specific curl or length — to replace your most popular extensions — but the way in which the individual eyelash extensions are kept in the tray allows for quick and easy application. With each individual eyelash extension sitting at an easy angle to pick up, you can cut the time it takes to apply lash extensions (almost in half!). The right lash tray means you no longer need to fiddle about with each lash to get the correct angle for placement.

Find The Best Lash Trays at Islashboutique

With both C and D curl extensions in a range of lengths from 9mm right up to 15mm, you can pick and choose the perfect mixed lash trays for your requirements. At Islashboutique, we are proud to mention that our eyelash trays include only high-quality, cruelty-free lash extensions. The fans have been created through heat bonding, meaning there is no existing glue on the base — decreasing the likelihood of causing damage to your client’s natural lashes. Stuck to the lash trays using double-sided tape, pulling and handling each lash extension is quick and easy.

Order High-Quality Eyelash Trays Today

Whether you’re looking for single length or mixed lash trays, Islashboutique is one of the top lash tray vendors in the country. Browse our range of eyelash trays, eyelash extension accessories and eyelash extension supplies and enjoy fast and convenient shipping today. 

And if you’re thinking about refreshing your skills or learning to do lash extensions yourself, we have a range of courses, including an online lash course. For more information about our lash trays or courses, please get in touch with us online. We’re always happy to help.


What type of eyelash trays does Islashboutique stock?

From single length trays to mixed lash trays in either silk or satin, Islashboutique is bound to have the lash extensions you are after. If you’re looking for high-quality, professional C or D curl lash extensions, our eyelash trays are perfect for you.

Why should I choose Islashboutique for lash trays?

Our lash trays include lash extensions that are made from completely cruelty-free materials. We are committed to providing our customers with only high-quality lashes that won’t lose their curl — so your clients will keep on coming back to you for refills. The way in which we place each individual extension in our lash trays is strategic — allowing you to easily pull and place each extension without a fuss.

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