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Eyelash Accessories

When you go to a professional beauty salon, you will see that the practitioners have a wide selection of tools and products with which to perfect their craft. While it’s true that without skills and training a beauty lash technician cannot be an expert, the lash accessories, and products they use are also vital. In every industry, choosing the right tools and products is essential to get the best result. The beauty industry is no different in this respect. We at Islash have curated a showcase of accessory must-haves for any serious eyelash technician. Read More


Eyelash Accessories at Affordable Prices

On these pages, we have our full selection of eyelash accessories, but here are a few suggestions for essential kit. When applying individual eyelashes or fans, micro applicator wands are essential. They permit you to apply liquids very accurately to the clients’ eyelashes. We don’t need to stress how important precision is when applying glue and so on. You want the experience to be pleasant for your client. Remember that each wand is single use only and you must use a clean one for every customer. Being able to see what you are doing with precision work is vital, so if you don’t already have an LED Ring Light, you should get one now. This is the same light ring that we use and that we supply to trainees who study with us. With a host of amazing features, this is an essential whether you intend to work in a salon, freelance or mobile. Click below to read the full specifications of this professional grade light ring. 

Islash – Your One-Stop Store for Eyelash Accessories!

Once you have finished each set of lashes, you might want to hasten the drying process so the client can get on with their day. We recommend our eyelash blower which will rapidly help the lashes to set. It’s not just a bonus for your clients, this inexpensive bit of kit will allow you a shorter turnaround time, so you can get on to your next client. For us, it was a game changer and allowed us to maximise our revenue thanks to a tiny outlay.

You will save enormous amounts of time and come across as far more professional if you invest in a lash tile. This simple idea makes the lash application so much easier and quicker. All you need to do is to lay out the lashes you will be applying onto the tile, and then apply them directly from the tile. Use tweezers to ensure you don’t damage the lash fans. When you have a client in front of you, you want to make the whole process as fast and pleasant as possible. It will earn you recommendations and repeat visits from the client if you can complete their sets accurately and within a short time. Selecting lashes, especially when you start out can take a little bit of brainwork. You don’t want to be second-guessing which lash you need or going back to the whole tray of lashes. Pre-selecting the lashes and laying them out on the tile takes the brainwork out of the application process. You can just get on and apply the lashes, knowing exactly what comes next.

Take a look at our full selection below for more essential eyelash accessories in Australia. Also, We provide in-person and online lash extension courses and eyebrow coursesyou are sure to elevate your business by joining us. 


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