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Eyebrow Henna Dye & Tint

If you’re looking to emphasise the shape and enhance the colour of your eyebrows, you simply can’t go past eyebrow henna. As the lash and brow specialists, we have an extensive range of henna eyebrow tint products from top brands such as Mayamy Brow Henna. Whether you are looking to do your own DIY henna brows or are expanding your range of professional products for your clients, browse our online collection today to tint, clean, nourish and perfect any pair of brows.


The benefits of using henna as eyebrow tint


Dating back to ancient Egypt, the henna plant has been used for centuries to beautify bodies and enhance our best features. Being a 100% natural and pure dye, henna is one of the safest tints you’ll ever find — making it perfect for tinting your facial features, such as your eyebrows. Not only is henna brow tint safe to use on delicate skin, but it also offers unique health benefits by helping nourish and restore weak and damaged hair follicles, creating thicker, healthier brows in the long run.


Our range of Mayamy Brow Henna products


At Islashboutique, we are passionate about helping you create well-rounded and healthy eyebrows — for yourself and for your clients — which is why we stock only the best henna dye for eyebrows and other eyebrow supplies. Available in a range of natural hair colours including light brown, classic brown, deep brown and deep black, Mayamy Brow Henna is designed to last up to 7 weeks on the brow hair and up to 1 week on the skin. This eyebrow henna has been created in capsule form — helping to preserve the quality of the henna and make it easier to use for both professionals and beginners alike.


In addition to our range of henna, we also stock Mayamy saline solution for degreasing the brows before treatments as well as eyebrow shampoo and conditioner, which are essential for getting the best possible tinting results. 


Get the top eyebrow henna products from Islashboutique today


If you’re hoping to freshen up your brows or start a career as a brow technician, we have online eyebrow courses, such as our brow wax and tint course, that will teach you everything you need to know about shaping, waxing, henna, brow dye, tinting and more.


For more information about our range of Mayamy Brow Henna products or our popular courses, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today — we’re always happy to help!




How long does brow henna last on brows?


Mayamy Brow Henna, which we stock at Islashboutique, is made to last up to 7 weeks on your brow hair and up to 1 week on the skin. This makes it perfect for enhancing your eyebrow shape and filling in any gaps.


What is the difference between brow tint and brow henna?


Unlike many eyebrow tints, eyebrow henna is completely natural and lasts up to 2 months at a time. Henna brow tint is made from a plant known as “Hina” or the henna tree. This is why henna is such a popular choice for tinting eyebrows — as it is safe to use on sensitive skin like that of the face.


Why should I choose eyebrow henna from Islashboutique?


Not only are we committed to providing our customers with high-quality and affordable eyebrow supplies, but we are also a provider of various online eyebrow courses to teach beginner technicians everything they need to know and provide professionals with refresher sessions to update and expand their knowledge and skill sets.