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Eyebrow Brushes in Australia

With the right tools, it’s easy to achieve a crisp, clean and perfectly arched brow shape. A must-have tool in any and every makeup kit, an eyebrow brush allows you to effortlessly create a range of brow shapes while combing through sparse hairs and ensuring they remain in place. If you’ve been searching for eyebrow brushes to add to your collection, you’ll find high-quality products in our range that seamlessly blend in colour and tame even the bushiest of brows! Read More


Beautiful Eyebrow Brushes from Islash

A picture is nothing without a beautiful frame, and the same goes for your eyes. You may have lashes to die for, but if you neglect your eyebrows, the final look may fall short. Thankfully eyebrow brushes are just what you need. Every lash and brow technician needs the very best tools and products to hone their skills. We at Islash have taken the hard work out of the hunt for great kit by offering you a curated collection of brow must-haves.

We have two Eyebrow Colouring Concealer Brushes in our showcase, the Classic and the Mini. Both are suitable for henna, brow tints and sculpting. Whether you use the Classic or the Mini you will find they are the perfect tools to fill smaller regions or large areas in the brow. The fine brush hairs are made from lightweight material to allow precise definition and control. The Classic can be used where space is not an issue, whereas the mini is ideal for smaller areas where extra care is required. We find most technicians will have at least one of each size in their kit. We believe our eyebrow combs are Australia’s finest.

Angled Brow Brushes For Creating The Perfect Shape

Perfect for applying brow powders, creams and gels with ease, our angled brow brushes allow you to effortlessly create precise definition while lightly filling in hairs that need further sculpting. The sharp, angled tip helps to define your brow bone while the bristles remain stiff to give you complete control and precision. With this easy-to-use angled eyebrow brush in your kit, you’ll be able to work with a variety of high-pigment formulas while effortlessly shaping your arch with a light hand. Whether you love the look of a thick and fluffy brow or prefer a more natural, understated shape, this brush will help you play around with the thickness of your lines.

Eyebrow Brushes and More!

A set of great eyebrow brushes is definitely your secret weapon as a brow technician, but it’s only the starting point for a professional brow artist. There are other accessories that you will need to be able to deliver the best brow result your clients will love. A measurement ruler is a must-have for any serious brow technician. It’s not a wise idea to judge it by eye. A measurement ruler will give you the reassurance that your work is accurate and symmetrical to the millimetre. You may also need henna and dyes for tinting to give a rich, natural colour. Islash also stocks henna shampoos and conditioners, saline and of course, plastic wrap. All you need to deliver breathtaking brows!

Why Buy Eyebrow Brushes from Islash?

When you buy from Islash, you are supporting an Australian family-run company. We know the lash and brows business inside out, as we started from the bottom. Through hard work and training, we found ourselves at the top of our game with thousands of happy clients. Our company mission has always been to help women feel more beautiful. To this end, we wanted to share our skills and products with all would-be beauty technicians across Australia. We have devised and crafted online and face-to-face eyelash extension training & eyebrow training courses to allow you to learn the skills we have spent years perfecting. We have sourced the very best products to take the guesswork out of setting yourself up as a brow and lash technician. We are such fans of our product list that we have put our name on them, so you can rest assured you are using professional, premium-grade products. Browse our collection of products online such as eyelash extension spikes, lash trays, pre-made lash fans, lash extension glue, and much more!

With flexible payment options and free shipping for orders over $150, there’s never been a better time to invest in your own business. Join the Islash family today and help make women feel more beautiful.


Why should I choose Islashboutique for the best brow brushes?

Easy, even and seamless application is entirely possible when you have the right brow brushes in your makeup kit. If you’ve been searching for lightweight and high-quality products that you can use to create a range of brow styles, we have exactly what you need! Within our collection of makeup accessories, you’ll find concealer and angled eyebrow brushes that help you define your arch for an even finish.

Are eyebrow brushes worth investing in?

The right brush will outline and smooth your brows, fill in sparse areas, define your arch and frame your face. Whether you’re using a powder, cream, gel or wax formula, the best eyebrow brushes will groom your hairs into place before you begin filling them in — making them a must-have in any and every makeup kit. 

Is it bad to brush your eyebrows?

Contrary to popular belief, brushing and grooming your eyebrows regularly is the key to creating the perfect shape. Using a disposable eyebrow spoolie, simply brush the hairs in a downward direction and if you find they’re looking a little long and wiry, you can easily trim them by snipping the excess hairs after moving them into place. Following this, brush your brow hairs upwards and begin filling in the shape with a pencil, wax, gel or powder formula.

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