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Eyelash Extension Removal Cream

Without the right supplies in your professional beauty kit, it’s nearly impossible to remove your client’s false lashes safely. Instead of using a harsh makeup remover that could irritate delicate skin, opt for our eyelash extension removal cream. Designed to carefully remove extensions without damaging or pulling your natural lashes, our lavender-scented formula will dissolve extension adhesives and remove all traces of glue. By far one of the best eyelash extension cream removers in the beauty industry, the creamy consistency is easy to apply and an effective solution for removing all types of fluffy, thick and wispy lash extensions.

Level up your application and removal skills with an in-person lash extension course 

Whether you’re a beauty novice or a qualified lash technician looking to level up your salon services, it takes a certain amount of skill, focus and precision to achieve the perfect set of lashes. Thankfully, you can take the guesswork out of the process with our in-person lash training courses. Over two days, you’ll learn how to safely prepare your work area, the correct way to sanitise your tools, and how to master the art of applying classic, hybrid and premade volume lashes. For the safe and effective removal of lash extensions, you’ll also be taught how to cleanse and apply lash remover creams while avoiding glue or adhesives seeping into your client’s eyes. 

Once you have completed our masterclass, you’ll be a qualified lash technician, so you’ll be able to put your newfound skills to the test immediately. With no prior experience required, this course is perfect for beginners and experts looking to elevate their skills or learn the latest industry health and safety requirements. Sign up for our masterclasses today, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our team of beauticians will be happy to help. 


What is eyelash extension removal cream and how do you use it? 

Using a cream solution is one of the safest ways to remove your client’s lash extensions. The thick consistency is easy to apply, sits firmly on the lash line and effectively dissolves adhesive bonds without removing or damaging your natural lashes. Our cream lash extension remover is packed with nourishing ingredients that are gentle on the skin, so irritation is never a concern. Simply apply a layer of the product, leave it for 10 minutes or so, and then gently remove the extensions. 

How do you remove eyelash extensions with cream?

Using a micro brush, apply a generous layer of eyelash extension removal cream directly onto the glue bonds. Leave for 10 minutes and ensure all traces of adhesive are fully removed before gently peeling off the extensions with a dry cleansing brush or a pair of tweezers. 

Why should I buy eyelash extension removal cream from Islashboutique?

Whether you’re a qualified beautician, lash technician or just starting out in the industry, Islashboutique is your one-stop shop for the best eyelash extension cream remover. Our nourishing, lavender-scented formula is gentle on the skin and will remove all traces of glue without damaging or pulling your natural lashes. If you have any questions about our range of lash equipment, please reach out to our friendly team, and they will endeavour to get back to you shortly.