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Empowering Women Across The World


You don't start things and not finish them. You don't quit! - Kevin Hart

Hey Beautiful! My name is Indianna, Director and Owner of Islashboutique.

Islashboutique was founded in 2018 and is a beauty studio, beauty educator and beauty product online retailer based in Queensland Australia.

We believe in empowering women to feel great and chase their dreams. Through our training, beauty services and products we can help you achieve greatness.

Islashboutique is one of Australia's fastest growing beauty educators and the first to supply their students a FREE ring light and beauty bed upon enrolling in a lash course.

Islashboutique is shaping the way beauty education is conducted in Australia and are proud to have supported hundreds of students to achieve success..

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Our Story

I founded Islashboutique in 2018 soon after giving birth to my daughter. The idea of going back into the workforce and leaving my child at such a young age wasn't an option and I wanted to show her that you could achieve greatness through passion, determination and a strong why.

I was a young mum aged 21 with no business experience and only a retail background. Seems like a recipe for disaster and if you asked any of my peers and teachers from school they would probably agree I was going to fail. I took the leap and started Islashboutique as a home salon.

Between taking care of my daughter I would take on clients and work through till late at night to build something my daughter would be proud of.Business started to pick up after days and nights slaving away, researching new lashing techniques and tactics on growing a business. Within a few months I fine tuned my technique and was able to complete full volume sets within 45 to 60 minutes. For people like myself with children and busy lives this became a saviour where women could duck out quickly to do something special for themselves.

Even people who are regular lash extension wearers appreciated the quick, prompt and personalised service. I built strong relationships with my clientele and I consider everyone who comes to me for lashes my friends.


In the later part of my first year in business tragedy struck. A huge blow to my personal well being, my father passed away suddenly. This took a toll on my mental health. It reminded me of how short life can be and pushed me to want to help more women feel great in their own skin with my beauty services.

Soon after my fathers passing I fell pregnant with my second child. Tumbling into 2020 I was juggling business, pregnancy and mourning the passing of my father. Business was my outlet and my way of coping and in March of 2020 we were all hit with COVID-19.

Being a startup business you couldn't imagine things getting harder. I know the struggles of being a new business owner and I understand with great empathy overcoming extreme hurdles. During this period of struggle we also battled my mums drug addiction.

Coming to the end of the first lock down we started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Businesses began to reopen and my mum had met a new found lover who helped her get back in touch with herself.  However, this was short lived when we found out her new partner was in fact one of Australia's biggest conmen. 

He signed our name and business into numerous contracts and if it wasn't for quick witted thinking we would have been in debt for millions of dollars. Out of fear my partner and co-owner of Islashboutique quit his job to be with the family and help to protect us.

Islashboutique became our sole source of income and we HAD to make it work. Women from all over the country were contacting me to find out how I managed to reduce my set times and how I produce my work using pre-made fans. Through this we had a light bulb moment to create a course that would help people achieve the Islashboutique Techniques.

We launched our classroom courses and quickly sold out in our first month. Our second month into training we launched the Online Lash Course and were inundated with enrolments from women all across the country.  Through our beauty services, beauty products and training we have grown Islashboutique into a 7 figure business.

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What Made Us Different

We thought about what people needed to achieve success and what struggles people face starting a business. The answer: people were time poor, had little funds to invest in equipment and needed something that could be started from home.

Through this we created the Online Lash Course. The online lash course offers no time limits on study to accomodate those who are time poor - we became the first course in Australia to supply a beauty bed and ring light in our course to help kickstart our students in to business and with low upfront costs you can start a business with very little capital from the comfort of your own home.

We work to empower women to achieve greatness. You don't need a background in business, you don't need to be born with the "gift". Greatness can be achieved through passion, determination and a strong why. WHY is what keeps the wheels turning through the greatest of adversities.



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