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EyeBROW Courses

All-In-One Brow Course
All-In-One Brow Course
All-In-One Brow Course
All-In-One Brow Course

All-In-One Brow Course

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Brow Wax & Tint Online Course
Brow Wax & Tint Online Course

Brow Wax & Tint Online Course

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Why Choose Us?

Islashboutique was founded by Indi and grown from the second lounge room of her family home. Through Covid, working around family and more we know every single step and hurdle you will face to grow a successful beauty business from home! 

We continue to practice what we preach and put our own teachings to work at our own commercial sized salon. 

Islashboutique is Australia's favourite eyelash extension training provider with over 275+ 5 star reviews! 

Islashboutique Guarantees success to all of our students! If you can't learn the skill you enrol in within 30 days you will get money back!

30 Day Learning Guarantees

Real Support from Real Trainers

Certificate Upon Completion

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Eyebrow Courses

Good brows can completely change the look of your face, turn back the clock and give you a real confidence boost — it’s no wonder brow services are so in demand at salons and beauticians. This means the demand is high for people who have the skills to create fabulous eyebrows! That’s why Islashboutique now offers an online eyebrow course, so you can learn to wax and tint brows to a professional standard form whenever suits you best. Whether you’re already a beautician and want to expand the services you offer or you’re a beginner without experience, our online brow course will get you up to speed. Read More

Professional Brow Training with Islashboutique

Look at any celebrity, model or influencer, and you’ll notice they all have one thing in common – impeccable eyebrows. As the natural frame to the eyes, brows can transform your face on a dramatic level, enhancing your look in incredible ways. They can soften your features, make you ten years younger, or inject a dose of fabulous fierceness into your face that has you oozing confidence.

Because there’s such power in the brows, everyone wants theirs to be perfect – after all, beauteous brows make all the difference between a primed, polished and perfected look and one that doesn’t quite pack a punch nor complements your face and make-up. Naturally, there’s only so much the untrained, unqualified hand can do with brows, which is why the brow industry has taken the beauty world’s centre spotlight to become one of its most popular services – and that extends to training and careers, too. 

Why Take an Eyebrow Training Course?

Instead of spending all that time every day trimming, tweezing, shaping and filling in brows with make-up, more and more beauty fans are opting for the services and talents of a professional brow technician - who are industry pros with the skills and qualifications to create and maintain perfect brows that no untrained hand can achieve. People want perfect eyebrows, so much so that more are choosing to go to talented professionals to get theirs sculpted, formed and filled – and you can become one of those gifted professionals.

If you have a passion for beauty (and brows, of course), cosmetic culture, and making people look and feel as beautiful and confident as they desire and deserve, a rewarding career as a professional brow technician could be for you. Be it salon pros, beauticians or independent self-employed brow professionals working from their own homes or offering their services at clients’ homes, the demand for eyebrow technicians is higher than ever – and if you love brows, beauty, making people look and feel their best and seek to feel empowered by working a job you enjoy, you can take advantage of that demand.

Should you want to work for someone else as an eyebrow pro or start your very own business as an entrepreneur and enjoy the flexibility and freedom of being own boss, working your preferred hours from wherever you want, Islashboutique’s eyebrow courses can give you the skills, qualifications and support you need to launch and nurture your dream career.

Enrol in Our Online or All-In-One Eyebrow Courses

Whether you’re an established beautician and want to offer your clients brand-new brow services, or you’re an absolute beginner with no prior experience, our Islashboutique eyebrow training course is designed to teach you all the skills you’ll ever need to become a brow pro. From mapping brows, tweezing and trimming to hot waxing and brow tinting, when you do your eyebrow course with Islashboutique, you’ll acquire all the training and talents you’ll need to find and hold your place in this rewarding industry. 

So, if you’re aspiring to turn your passion into a career, start your own business, work a schedule that suits you and earn an income through making people look and feel gorgeous, get in touch and enrol on our eyebrow training course – your new career is just a few clicks away.

Discover Islash Boutique’s Lash and Brow Tinting Courses Online

Perfectly shaped brows are in demand more than ever before, with brow and lash tinting being a popular preference over wearing make-up every day. As such, many beauty lovers are choosing to turn their passion into a career or brand-new business. They are getting trained and qualified in the lucrative art of brow and lash treatments to offer their clients convenient packages or individual treatments – and these require regular maintenance, meaning repeat business for technicians (so long as they do a good job!)

Helping budding beauty pros do a good job are expert lash and brow training academies, turning brow-and-lash loving aspiring entrepreneurs into industry professionals - and Islash Boutique is among the top. Islash Boutique is becoming one of the country’s leading suppliers of beauty services, products and training courses for aspirational people who love to make beauty fans look fresh, fabulous and confident. Thanks to the popularity of our eyebrow waxing course and eyebrow tinting course, we’ve created a convenient and extensive online brow course perfectly suited for those looking to learn all the skills necessary to become a budding brow and lash pro. 

Whether you’re already a seasoned beautician or a fresh-faced newbie with no prior experience or qualifications, this brow course has been designed for you – and you can study from wherever you want; all you need is an internet connection!

What are the Benefits of our Eyebrow Waxing Course and Eyebrow Tinting Course?

Islash Boutique’s online brow course is a full curriculum compiled and delivered to give you all the skills, knowledge, information and ongoing support you’ll need to become a brow professional and launch your own career. You’ll learn international standard techniques, how to create and sculpt clients’ desired brow shapes and designs, high-grade brow tinting as per international training and service standards, as well as proper safe and healthy practices. 

From start to end, you’ll also receive full support and guidance from our dedicated team of trainers, who are there round the clock to help you with study and anything at all you might need. They also offer extensive feedback on your assessments throughout the course, which you can’t fail. What’s more, our online courses are extremely flexible; there are no time limits or schedules – you complete your study in your own time. 

Upon finishing the course, you’ll receive an official certificate of completion and be armed with a respected qualification and ample skills that’ll allow you to be employed as a professional brow technician or even kick-start your own brow tinting and waxing beauty business from home. 

Lastly, it’s not just about the study and skills – our lash and brow courses include a beauty bed, ring light and starter kits, equipping you in full with everything you’ll need to start offering your fresh new skills and brow services to clients. 

Taking An Eyebrow Technician Course Online Gives You Flexibility

We all have busy lives, and learning a new skill can be tricky, as you may not be able to commit to sitting in a classroom due to work schedules, childcare, or other reasons. That’s why we offer an eyebrow technician course online that allows you to work through it at your own pace. We provide all the brow supplies you need to complete the course, which are delivered to your home and you can use any device with an internet connection to complete your course.

If you’re considering taking an eyebrow waxing and tinting course online, consider enrolling with the Islashboutique. We’re experts in brows and lashes, offering a variety of courses including eyelashes extension courses and professional products such as eyelash accessories for those in the beauty industry. Read some of our reviews or contact us to find out more about Islashboutique and what we can offer you.


How do you become an eyebrow technician?

Islashboutique makes it easy to become an eyebrow technician. We offer an eyebrow waxing course online that also includes skills from tinting to tweezing, so you finish the course with all-around brow skills. What you do next is up to you! You can apply for jobs in local salons or spas or even start your own brow business.

What type of online brow courses does Islash Boutique offer? 

Teaching you a variety of skills, the Islashboutique online brow course will bring you up to speed so you can provide your clients with a full brow service. From choosing the correct shape and size of their brows to flatter their face to waxing, tinting, tweezing and creating the perfect finish, you’ll become a brow master in no time.

Why should I study an online eyebrow course with Islashboutique? 

Many people would like to learn a new skill but simply don’t have the time. That’s why we offer a brow course that is delivered online. Whether from your laptop, tablet or phone, we’ll send you the materials necessary and all you need to do is simply follow the course online. This means it’s totally flexible — so you can pick it up whenever you have spare time, and work at your own pace.

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