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5 Signs The Beauty Industry Is Right For You

Just like any thing not everyone is a suitable fit for the beauty industry. Learning beauty services and skills can take time, however if you are the perfect fit for the industry people will be drawn to your services! 

Here are 5 signs the beauty industry is right for you: 

1. The No Brainer 

You have an interest in all things beauty. Whether you love doing your make up, have perfected the way you curl your hair or artistically design your brows every morning the beauty industry may be for you. Those who enter the beauty industry with no interest will quickly lose any drive/motivation to pursue what it actually takes to grow a business. 

2. You love helping people 

If you have a burning desire to make the world a more beautiful place then the beauty industry may be for you. By providing beauty services you allow people to feel more confident in themselves. Going to get your hair done, brows sculpted or a set of eyelash extensions is therapeutic for most and helps them mentally! When we feel good on the outside it makes us feel good on the inside! People that feel good about themselves make better life decisions. 

3. You have an inner Da Vinci

You have an untouched artistic side of you that wants to be released. You're not necessarily into art but you love the idea of creation, designing and making things look pretty. If this sounds like you then the beauty industry could be your calling. There is a satisfying element to sculpting the perfect brow or creating a structure set of lashes and this comes through your creativeness. Those with an eye for creativity shine in the beauty industry and have happy customers flocking in to see them! 

4. You want to be your own boss

If you wake up on a Monday dreading work and dream of green pastures then the beauty industry could be for you. The beauty industry unlocks options. As your own boss you choose when you want to work, when you take holidays and you can give yourself a pay rise by just putting in more work! If you work really hard in your current workplace will your boss at the end of the week say "good job here's some extra money"? I didn't think so. This drive is what built Islashboutique. 

5. You're a social butterfly 

Working in the beauty industry requires a lot of 1 to 1 interactions. If you love building relationships and have the ability to listen then the beauty industry could be for you. Being able to interact with clients is the key to business growth. However, if you are like me and have a bit of social anxiety it's not the end of the world. The beauty industry can help you build confidence to thrive in all areas of life. 



We have helped thousands of women achieve their goals in the beauty industry. If you are looking to kickstart a career yourself consider having a chat with one of our careers consultants to see how a new career can help change your life! 

Check out some information on our eyelash extension course. 

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