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5 Things You Need To Start Your Lash Business

5 Things You Need To Start Your Lash Business

Starting a business can be daunting. However, we believe in making things simple so here are 5 things you need to kick start your own lash business. 

1. Certification or Accreditation 

The very first thing you need before becoming a lash tech is a certificate of completion or accreditation. One is not better than the other, however it needs to be specific to the service you will be providing. If you know you will be providing just classic eyelash extensions then you need to be certified or accredited in classic lashes. If you will be providing Hybrid, Pre-made volume or Russian volume lashes then you need to obtain your certificate in these styles (there isn't currently an Australian accreditation for Hybrid, Pre-made volume or Russian volume lashes). 

Once you have obtained your certificate you can start offering the service under your own business or work in any salon. The certificate will also allow you to obtain insurance, purchase supplies or lease commercial property. Insurance is the most important aspect to this. If you decide to offer the service with no training you will be left completely liable to any injuries or damages you cause. 

2. ABN, Business name

Now this isn't necessarily a requirement if you are offering this service as a "Hobby". However, as the title says "business" this will be tailored to those cunning business owners. 

It's important you apply for your own ABN via Australian Business Register ( There are many different structures to choose from and it's important you consult with your accountant to see which will be most suited to your goals. 

3. Beauty Bed & Ring light 

If you are bringing in clients you can't ask them to lay on the couch. Well you can but this will become quickly uncomfortable for them and you will break your back! (not really but your back will be sore). An adjustable beauty bed allows you to tailor the height to yours and the clients needs allowing you to provide a higher quality service and set. 

A ring light or any high quality lighting is a necessity. As you are dealing with very small hairs you need to be able to see clearly! Having a ring light makes seeing the hairs 10x easier. When I first started lashing I was using a bed lamp so I am talking from experience here. The moment I upgraded to using better lighting my sets improved by a drastic amount. 

4. High Quality Products

This is another mistake of mine from when I first kicked off my business. I was using very low quality and cheap products. My tweezers were so stiff they ended up giving me wrist pain and my glue was the reason for poor retention. 

When I upgraded to using higher quality products and actually doing some research my set retention improved drastically. When starting your business it can be hard to acquire customers so  you need to do your best to retain customers. The best way to do this is by providing amazing quality sets. This can be achieved with the right know how + the correct products. 

In our salon now we only use the Islashboutique Supplies which is why 80% of our customers have a 4 week + retention. 

5. A Can Do Attitude & Strong Reason Why

Not everyone is capable of being a business owner. We all dream of it but in reality only a handful of people have the persistence and positive outlook to achieve greatness! 

If you have a burning desire for more and take on advice from those who have already been successful in your industry you will do great things. Choosing the correct training provider can be night and day between being successful and failing. 

It's important you have this conversation with yourself and work out what value you will receive through your training and whether or not you will be able to achieve your goals. 

If you would like to see if you would be a good fit to train with Islashboutique book in your 30 minute call with one of our training consultants. We can discuss your goals and determine if we can help you!

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