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These Are The Best Glues For Eye Lash Extensions!

These Are The Best Glues For Eye Lash Extensions!

One of the most frustrating parts about being an Eye lash Technician is finding the perfect lash glue. There are many variables that will effect how your lash extension glue functions including temperature, humidity, how you prepare the glue and even how the lash adhesive is packaged! All of this plus the inundated market is enough to drive you insane! 

We'll help you through the basics of choosing the perfect eyelash extension glue for your specific needs and break down the market in simple to understand terms whilst answering some commonly asked questions along the way! But first we need to start with lash glue basics! 

What Is An Eyelash Extension Glue?

To put it simply lash glue is the sticky adhesive product used to attach a lash extension to a person's natural lash throughout the lash application process. Lash Adhesives are specifically formulated for this task and contain the main ingredient of cyanoacrylate (which is essentially a term for quick bond super glue). This chemical is extremely fast drying (typically within a few seconds) and creates a strong bond between the materials of a lash extension and the natural lash. 

What Kind Of Glues Do Professionals Use For Eyelashes?

A professional eyelash extension technician will use only specifically formulated lash glue or lash adhesive. There are many different types of adhesives available and it's important to note that not all types of adhesives can be used for the application of lash extensions and it is vital that you purchase your lash glue from a trusted supplier! Using an incorrect adhesive for the application of eyelash extensions can be detrimental to the health of your clients eyes so be cautious if you decide to purchase cheap lash glues or other that aren't recommended for use on a person's natural lashes. Another important note is to ensure you aren't purchasing strip lash glue. The reason behind this is strip lash glue is not designed or formulated for the lashes to hold for weeks at a time. If strip lash glue is used for the application of eyelash extension you will have your clients coming back everyday for a refill as their extensions will fall out rapidly. Typically an eyelash extension glue can have an expected retention of 2 to 6 weeks. Longer retention can be achieved through correct preparation of the natural lashes/lash glue and technique. 

Types Of Lash Extension Glues Australia?

In Australia there are a large number of lash glues available. The glue you choose will be determined by what type of sets you are doing and the environment you work in. 

We offer 3 types of lash extension glues and this is a simple way to break down the market without overcomplicating your choice: 

Extreme fast drying glue - Master Bond Adhesive. These glues will dry in 0.5 to 1 seconds and are perfect for an experienced lash technician who typically will use a pre-made extension. Lash Glues that dry in 0.5 to 1 second are a great way to reduce your set times. When formulated and prepared correctly this type of lash glue can also hold retention of up to 8 weeks. The drying time of 0.5 to 1 seconds is not recommended for a Russian Volume Lash Technician as you need time to dip and wrap your extension around the clients lashes. However, fast and experienced technicians have used this glue in the past. 

Fast Drying - Strong Hold - Extreme Bond. This type of lash glue falls in to the drying time range of 1 to 2 seconds and is the most popular amongst beginner and experienced eyelash technicians. The drying time allows it to be the most versatile and can be used for both Russian volume lash extensions and Pre-made volume lash extensions. The lash glue is durable for 7-8 weeks when applied and prepared correctly. All our students who learn classic lashes, hybrid lashes and pre-made volume lashes use this glue as it teaches strong foundations and speed early in their career. 

Slow Drying - Angel Adhesive. This glue is most suitable for Russian Volume lashes and any pre-made lash technicians that feel they need a little more time to place an extension on some of those tricky natural lashes. The slower drying time allows you to be more precise with your placements and creates a bigger window to create the strongest bond possible. This is solely the reason why it is perfect for Russian Volume Lashes as it will give you more time between dipping the fan and placement allowing you to create a better wrap.  

What's the best professional eyelash glue?

The best eyelash extension glue is determined by personal preference and the type of eyelash extensions you are doing. The best professional eyelash glue might be a glue from the slow drying range such as the Angel Adhesive if you are a Russian Volume Eyelash Technician or the best lash glue might be an extreme dry time such as the Master Bond Adhesive if you are looking to reduce your set times as a pre-made lash technician. 

A better question to ask might be What Is the Most Popular Professional Eyelash Extension Glue? The answer 10x is the middle of the drying range 1 to 2 seconds like our Extreme Bond Adhesive. In our experience lash technicians love this type of lash glue as it is the most versatile. If you are a lash technician that does classic lashes, hybrid lashes, pre-made volume lashes or Russian Volume lashes this glue can be utilised. For Russian Lash Technicians the drying time gives a big enough window to create and place fans without diminishing the opportunity to create a strong bond. For classic and pre-made lash artists the drying time still allows you to work quick enough without over extending your set times and under less pressure trying to place in a extremely narrow window. 

This is the basics to choosing a lash glue based on your desired eyelash extension set and drying time. There are a number of other factors to look out for and take into consideration when choosing your glue. 

Humidity and Temperature

Humidity and temperature can play a major role in the way your lash extension glue dries. Although it is a key factor in how the glue performs in our opinion it is not necessarily a factor that should come into consideration when selecting your lash glue (we will explain). 

Most eyelash extension glues in Australia are set at an appropriate level of drying humidity for the Australian climate. However, in order to remain consistent it's important you take control of your lashing environment, not only for client comfort but also for your lash retention. 

To ensure your environment is set correctly tools such as a humidity/temperature reader can be used. This will accurately provide you the temperature and humidity readings of your room. Using this tool you can alter the environment by introducing more humidity, de-humidifying, cooling or heating the room. It's important to check the reading of your room prior to starting lashing to ensure you allow enough time for the room to set and better your chances of creating optimal lash retention. 

Low humidity - you can use a humidifier to bring more moisture to the room. 

High humidity - you can use a dehumidifier which will remove moisture from the room and lower the humidity reading. 

Temperature - it is strongly suggested to have an aircon installed or a portable aircon in your room to set the correct temperatures. This is important for the lash glue retention and your temperature should always be set to 21-24 degrees celsius. The temperature of your room is also important for your clients comfort and health especially in the harsh Australian summer. 

Ideal room settings for eyelash extension glue?

To make it easy to find your room should be set to a Humidity level of 45% - 56% and Temperature of 21-24 degrees celsius. For most eyelash extension glues this is your sweet spot, ensure you read the product description carefully and alter your room using your tools to perfect this. 

Other Tools To Increase Your Lash Glue Retention

On top of setting the room temperature and humidity there are a number of tools and products you can use to help with lash retention and speed up the process of setting the lash glue. 

Nano Mister

One of the most common tools a lash tech will use is a Nano mister. A nano mister will help to set the glue upon completing the set. This will ensure your client doesn’t walk away with any wet glue and you will increase their retention. 

A nano mister works by blowing out  a fine mist of water particles. This increases the humidity in the immediate area and allows the glue to seal and set.

To use a nano mister you simply hold the tool approximately 20/30cm away from the clients face and spray an even mist over their faces trying to direct the mist towards their closed eyes.  Move the mister back and forth in a waving motion from left eye to right eye so the moisture can spread across both eyes and speed up the lash adhesive drying process. You should only need to spray the mist for 30 seconds for best results. 

IMPORTANT - don’t spray the nano mister too close to the clients eyes/face or for too long as the moisture and water will cause the adhesive not to dry and the lashes won’t last longer than a few days

Retention Maximiser

Another product you can use to speed up the lash setting process is a lash bonder or Retention Maximiser. A lash bonder is made up of a number of ingredients including alcohol. The alcohol in a lash bonder will create a reaction in the glue causing it to set.

How to use a lash bonder: 

  1. Firstly, allow the set to properly settle for 2 to 5 minutes. 
  2. Using an applicator wand apply a small amount of lash bonder
  3. Apply lash bonder using the applicator wand to the base of the extensions where you have applied the glue
  4. Once you have covered all the adhesive use your blower to dry any excessive moisture

IMPORTANT - DO NOT APPLY LASH BONDER TO THE UNDERSIDE OF THE CLIENTS LASHES (the alcohol in the product will cause significant stinging and discomfort if applied to the underside).


All in all the question of which lash glue is the best will be strongly determined by what you are looking to achieve. If you are a Russian Volume Lash Artist the best lash glue may be a slower drying time glue to perfect your sets or if you are a pre-made artist looking to reduce your set times the best lash glue might be the fastest drying lash glue. Use our tips to help guide you through a logical approach to finding YOUR best lash glue!