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Eyelash Extension Spikes

We at Islashboutique are some of Australia’s most passionate experts of all things lash, and we’re excited to be able to provide professional lash technicians, budding pros-to-be and everyday hobby lash lovers with our seasoned knowledge of eyelash extensions as well as the highest quality eyelash extension spikes Australia has to offer. Read More

What are Lash Extension Spikes?

For those who are new to the lash industry, we’ll answer a few burning questions. What exactly are eyelash extension spikes? In basic terms, these are pre-styled, pre-made individual hairs that are attached to a person’s natural eyelashes – one by one, hair by hair. Professional eyelash technicians apply each ‘spike’ or a small fan of hair along the top of the eyelid’s rim using semi-permanent glue, which sets and keeps each piece in place. 

Many people who aren’t lash technicians tend to assume that lash extensions merely make a person’s lashes longer – but they’re so much more than that; eyelash enthusiasts can choose from a wealth of unique and customised looks, including different lash materials, volumes, specific styles and fan shapes.

Why Use Eyelash Extension Spikes?

In particular, lash extension spikes are a relatively new and super popular style that applies a special texturising technique to craft a high-definition, voluminous wispy look or the illusion of a more natural-looking strip lash. The application and positioning of each eyelash extension fibre may vary depending on the desired look and style; however, the usual practice is to affix each hair to every natural eyelash or to a specific section to create a certain shape and style. Many people are happy with common styles and application methods. 

In contrast, others desire a more personalised, unique look that requires different applications of the lash extension spikes, which is why customisation is incredibly important to offer clients so that their natural eyelashes can be enhanced in the particular way they want.

The result of lash spikes? Longer, beautifully shaped and sculpted eyelashes with added volume and allure.

How to Achieve Different Lash Extension Looks?

These top-quality pre-made lash spikes will give your clients that luxury designer lashes look; simply dip each spike into the adhesive and apply them to the desired locations on the eyelid. Sounds fairly easy, right? It is – but there are more ways you can play to achieve certain looks and styles that your clients might request.  Islashboutique’s eyelash extension spikes come in different diameters and lengths, and you can take advantage of that and get creative with your clients. Not sure how? Then check out these tips:

For a soft blend: keep the curl (diameter) the same size throughout the entire lash set, or alternatively incorporate one curl with another curl similar in size.

For a dramatic look: apply multiple different curls with extremely varying contrasts.

Mixing different lengths: to achieve a softer blend, use spike lengths one to two millimetres apart. On the other hand, if a client wants a dramatic texture, blend lengths with around one to four millimetres difference in length. Blending varying diameters: mix spikes of different diameters to create unique looks; for example, for a more defined, dramatic style, opt for a thicker diameter at a specific point and use smaller diameter spikes to fill the rest of the lashes.

Order Your Lash Extension Spikes 

Islashboutique is stocked with high-end eyelash extension spikes in a variety of lengths, diameters, styles and colours, allowing you to provide your clients with the highest quality lash extensions that you can tailor to achieve their desired look. If you're still unsure of how to apply spikes, try out one of our lash courses Order yours today and get them posted right to your door in no time with quick delivery.

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