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Eyelash Extension Courses Online

Want to learn to do lash extensions but don’t think you have the time? Islashboutique offers an online eyelash extension course that is perfect for busy people or those who like to go at their own pace. Our online lash course provides the same high-quality training as our in-person courses and it can be completed anywhere with an internet connection. If you’re thinking of taking an online lash course, find out below why Islashboutique is the best choice.


An online eyelash course that includes everything you need


When you sign up for our online course, we’ll supply you with everything you need to complete the training and use in your new career! The cost of our online eyelash course includes a lash kit, ring light,and beauty bed, which are shipped to an address of your choice in Australia at no extra cost. Islashboutique are the suppliers of professional lash and brow supplies, so you can be sure all the products you receive are of the highest quality.

A lash extension online course covering many styles


There are a variety of lash extension styles available and if you take a lash extension online course with Islashboutique, you’ll learn about popular lash extension options such as:


  • Classic — Classic lash extensions have a natural look by adding length to existing lashes without adding any extra lashes to the eyelid itself.

  • Hybrid — Hybrid lashes are thicker and fuller, with up to five lashes on each fan, adding thickness and length.

  • Volume — Those who want thickness and fullness should opt for volume lashes, which have 5-10 lashes on each fan for a dramatic look. This is often popular for special occasions such as proms and weddings.


If you’ve never had lash extensions yourself, you might want to come to the boutique to get your own set fitted, so you can see what it’s all about and see what the finished results can look like. Book a lash extension appointment or contact us to find out more.


Taking an online lashes course can allow you to kickstart a beauty career or just learn a valuable new skill. Take a look at our reviews and testimonies to find out what our former students have to say or go ahead and order your course online by hitting ‘buy now’ and we’ll get you started as soon as possible.




Can you get trained to be a lash technician online?


Yes! At Islashboutique, you can do your eyelash extension training online without having to set foot in a classroom. All you need is an internet connection and a device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone to complete the course.


Why is Islashboutique’s eyelash extension course the best online lash course?


Our trainers at Islashboutique are the experts in lashes and brows — specialising in providing lash and brow training and high-quality beauty products to technicians across Australia. Our online course follows the same points as the classroom course, with plenty of support and help if you need it. Unlike many online courses, we provide quality materials and even a ring light and beauty bed for you to keep — which is all included in the price.


How long does it take to complete an online lash extension course?


The great thing about online courses is that they offer true flexibility — you can take as long as you need to complete our online course. There are 80 short lessons in total and some people like to do lessons whenever they have some spare time, while others get stuck in and complete it in a few days.