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14D 0.05 - XL TRAY

These pre-made lash trays are designed to help with speeding up the lash application process. Heat bonded and hand made from a silk fibre these extremely light weight lashes have the thinnest base on the market and will cause 0 damage to your clients lashes when applied correctly. These lashes are made of the highest quality silk and will maintain and hold their curl.
  • Heat Bonded at the base
  • Lengths 10mm - 15mm
  • Single size trays
  • Short stem
  • Super fine and fluffy
  • Cruelty free
  • D Curl!

We are in the process of changing from no logo trays to our own logo trays, please keep in mind that your order may be sent with no logo trays - the quality remains the same.

The fans are made from the highest quality material which is what gives it the deep jet black. The colour will give your lash set an even fuller and fluffier look. The fans have been created through heat bonding which means there is no existing glue on the base. Through this process it makes the fans lighter decreasing the likelihood of causing damage to your clients natural lashes. Being made of the highest quality materials the curl in these fans won’t drop. You can expect your clients coming back for infills and their lashes still looking fluffier than ever. 

The fans are stuck on a tray using double sided sticky tape making it easy for you to pull off. These are single lengthed trays to maximise the amount of lash extension sets you can complete. The single length trays will ensure you reduce wastage as having a mixed length tray can become confusing.

The short stem creates a more natural looking placement and there will be less gaps in your set as this brings the fans closer to the lash line. A short stem is also perfect for glue usage as you will be less likely to fill the stem with glue creating an overall healthier lash extension set for your clients. 

Correct Usage

It’s important to know how to correctly pull the pre-made lash extensions off the tray. To ensure you don’t damage the extension always pull them off the tray by pinching the base. Once you have pinched the base pull the extension towards your body and they should peel off whilst holding together. 

This product is intended for professional use only.

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